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Alcester Printing

Printing is a complex industry with its own terminology and precise technical specifications and requirements to get a product looking just right. Since most small businesses in Alcester don’t have in-house graphic designers, a relationship with a local printer can be incredibly valuable. At Redditch Print we see small businesses in Alcester that try to design files themselves with no graphics training or with very basic graphics software. Not only can this take a lot of time, which ultimately costs money because the time could have been spent elsewhere, but these files often contain errors. The designers at Redditch Print have state of the art graphics software and can typically create files to meet your project’s specifications quickly and error free.

Local Knowledge

Outside of graphic design services, Redditch Print can help consult you on various other aspects of your project. We can guide you on which type of paper or media will work best for your intended purpose or provide input on the optimal colour combinations to use for your marketing materials. When you call Redditch Print to place an order, we will ask you what the intended use of the product is. For example, if you are using a one-time flyer, you don’t need as high-quality of paper, but if you are ordering a multiple use brochure or menu, we may suggest a heavier paper stock or even suggest adding coating or matt lamination to increase durability.

On the flip side, when ordering from an online vendor, you are responsible for doing the research yourself and knowing what type of materials best suit your needs. Here at Redditch Print we have in store samples so you can see and feel different material options before making a decision. This can also be very helpful in providing you different quality options to fit within your budget. All you need to do is pop by and see us and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.