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Bromsgrove Printers

When it comes to selecting a printer for your project, many companies struggle to decide between an online printing service, like Vistaprint, or a local printer, like Redditch Print. Large companies and small businesses alike are turning to online printing companies for a number of reasons. However, they may be unaware of local print companies in their community or assume that they will save time and money by using an online printer. There are actually a number of advantages to using a local printing company like Redditch Print over a big online supplier – some of which may surprise you. For many business in and around Bromsgrove, Redditch Print have proved time and again why it is important to consider using a local company for your print project instead.

Local or Online Printer

When comparing local or online print suppliers, it is important to make sure you are comparing them in the right way. Are you getting the same type of materials (paper quality, paper colour, paper thickness)? Are the printers using the same quality equipment and finishing techniques? Will your colours be the same vibrancy as your artwork? Redditch Print carry a large stock of materials for you to choose from, and can cater for a range of specialist print applications which means we have options to fit any intended use and budget.

When considering cost, it is also important to consider other factors besides the product price alone. Most small businesses in the Bromsgrove area don’t have in-house graphic designers, so it may take staff unfamiliar with design software a long time (that they could be doing other things!) to create design files to submit for online printing. Online printing services often require you to submit a perfect, print-ready file, and no one on the service side is checking for errors. For complex design projects, this could further increase the chance that files are submitted with design errors that could cause a reprint (at your expense!) if not caught before submitted to an online printer.

Design Experts on your Doorstep

Using Redditch Print allows you to take advantage of our trained graphic design experts, who can make sure your files meet the proper specifications to print correctly while also advising you on the best materials, image resolutions, colours, and designs to ensure that your printed product is perfect the first time. Couple that with their knowledge of the local area and you’ll find you have your own personal graphic design expert, right here on your doorstep!