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Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing the Right MaterialsWritten by Aaron Howes | March 21st 2021

The material finish of your print goods is almost as important as the content you are printing on it. Regardless of whether you are printing a leaflet, brochure, poster or business card, it is vital that you select the correct material to produce it on. The overall impression created by the materials you use can be hugely improved when just a little care and attention is given to it.

Aside from the thickness and colour of the material that you decide to print on, there are also other considerations to make. What finish will create the impression you are after, and are there any practical constraints you will need to consider?

Understanding the differences between different materials, thicknesses and finishes can be vital to help you to create the perfect print project. Redditch Print can help you to navigate the seemingly endless options and provide results that will stand you out from the crowd.

Types of Finish

By and large there are three main types of finish to print items; gloss, silk and uncoated. Each has its own merits, and each can be used to give off a particular impression.

Gloss finishes will give your materials a bright sheen and make your print work appear colourful and vibrant. A gloss finish works really well on high impact materials like posters and leaflets where it is important to grab the attention of the reader in any way possible. It is important to remember that glossy finishes reflect light more than other duller finishes so if you plan on deploying your print in bright light expect some glare.

Silk finishes still have a bright finish like gloss but without quite as much shine. A silk finish is better suited to designs with a lot of text. Brochures and leaflets that need a premium feel but with the ability to retain some legibility are perfect candidates for a silk finish. They are a popular choice for larger commercial projects thanks to their versatility.

Lastly uncoated finishes lack the shine of the previous two finishes but can be used to give off a different impression altogether. They have a more rustic, earthy feel and are often used by companies who want to show their eco-friendly credentials. They are also a little more durable than the other finishes and don’t suffer from finger marks and dirt.

Redditch Print

Aside from the main types of finishes detailed above, Redditch Print offer an almost infinite array of printing, finishing and material options. Specialist laminations, spot UV, foils, foamex, correx, dibond and more are all available to you and we can assist and make suggestions during the design phase to help you to create a project you can be proud of. Give us a call or drop us an email to see how we can help you today.