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Taking Care of Business Cards

Taking Care of Business… Cards

Taking Care of Business Cards
Written by Aaron Howes | October 6th 2020

A business card is the perfect way to get your name, brand and details out there, and despite their small size, they’re a mighty effective marketing tool. From sole traders to multi-national organisations, business cards are used by everyone to help grow their networks. Put simply, business cards are the quickest and simplest way to get in front of new customers.

With this in mind, here at Redditch Print we wanted to share a few considerations that you should make before thinking about creating that most important of pocket items.

Don’t Waste Space

In our opinion there is nothing more disappointing that a single sided business card. You wouldn’t send a brochure to your customers with blank pages, or leave entire sections of your website blank, so why would you do so with what is often your first interaction with a new customer? Best practice suggests that one side of your business card should be about you, containing all of your contact information, and the reverse should be to communicate your brand, usually by use of a logo and/or some imagery.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

There is a tendency to try and squeeze as much information as possible on to a business card which can result in an overcrowded, busy feel to things. Ideally a business card shouldn’t bamboozle the reader, and is used to simply drive them to contact you to find out more. A name, email address, telephone number, web address and perhaps business address is more than enough to leave a customer with options. Think of a business card as a handshake.

Consistency is Key

Nothing states professionalism like consistency. A disparate collection of print materials can give an air of disorganisation to your brand, so it is important to try and instil a sense of being well organised wherever possible. If you already have a brand identity, or have had print materials created before, try and match your business card to them through use of colour and typography.

Create a Lasting Impression

A good quality business card, printed on a good quality stock, perhaps with a laminated finish, will instantly set you apart from cheaper cards. At Redditch Print we understand that budget restraints are sometimes unavoidable, but we pride ourselves on being able to offer premium options above and beyond other online printers at competitive rates. Making a good first impression doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank and we know every trick in the book when it comes to getting the most out of your print materials.